Virus Removal

With all the files you have been using and downloading, you might be introducing your computer to a virus. You may not realize it, but it is already infecting your files and other important programs. Don’t be left unprotected, don’t let these viruses slow down the functionality of your computer and affect your special projects.
Be vigilant and take precautionary measures before they invade everything in your files, if you have detected a virus or a suspicious files/program, you can call Lab Computer Consultants LLC for immediate help.

We are composed of seasoned and highly trained I.T. professionals, who specializes in virus removal activities. Whatever your problem concerning your computer, our technicians will expertly take care of everything. Our virus removal service includes:

  1. Scan your computer with a state of the art virus detection software.
  2. Remove all malicious and harmful software. Malicious software is more commonly known as “malware”.
  3. Re-scan your PC, to make sure it’s clean.
  4. Clean up all temp files and Registry Values.

Some of Viruses and Spyware we removed:

FBI Virus – Windows Police Pro – Windows PC Defender – Personal Anti Virus – Personal Security Pro – AntiVirus 2011 – Anti spyware – Google redirect Virus – Antivirus System Pro – Antivirus Live – Internet Security 2011 – Alpha Antivirus – XP Security Tool – Think Point and more…

for our virus removal rates, please call us at 516-280-8294.